16 Film Directors: Totems of Satire and Devotion

Sculptor Mike Leavitt’s ‘King Cuts’ series tells the story of 16 of the best storytellers ever: Tarantino, Kubrick, Scorsese, Hitchcock, Coppola, Cameron, Miyazaki, Lucas, Lee, Welles, Bigelow, Anderson, Burton, Spielberg, Lynch and Woody.

Showing now at Sydney Carriageworks, ‘Liveworks 2016’ till 6th Nov.  See More:


The rise of magic realism in TV reflects society’s increased frustration with reality


Magic realism takes a world that’s familiar to viewers and then twists a part of that world into a new shape.

It’s been said that looking at a TV is like looking at a mirror; what we see on TV reflects what is happening outside our living rooms in the world at large. But in 2016, that mirror is now straight out of a funhouse.  – Tom Hawking, QuartzRead More:

‘Polly’ – by Award-Nominated UK Writer & Director Cassiah Joski-Jethi


This darkly humorous short film is set in a world where teenage girls must live to the expectations of a cult-like society obsessed with doll-like perfection.  One girl, Polly, doesn’t quite fit in and in her search for acceptance, commits an unthinkable act…

Watch the clip and support this Tim Burton style, all-female filmmaking project by contributing to its brand new crowdfunding campaign: HERE