Where Are the Moms in the Star Wars Galaxy?

shmi-skywalker-650x325“Mothers… don’t receive as much thematic prominence as father-son/child relationships in the cinematic world of a galaxy far, far away.  If they do, they are noticeably disposable.” – Caroline Cao, The Mary Sue.
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2 thoughts on “Where Are the Moms in the Star Wars Galaxy?

  1. Yes, and thank you for commenting on this. I’m grateful to Caroline Cao for pointing out the narrative treatment of Moms in the Star Wars franchise. This is a complex issue, since motherhood is not normally seen as a female character trait that challenges convention.

    Choices for female characters in both literature and film have been historically limited to marriage or death, depending on the degree to which the character challenges convention. This is especially so in fairy tales, from which many Disney films have been adapted.

    But, screen heroines in mainstream cinema frequently die by the end of the film. Until quite recently, the norm in various film genres has been for strong female characters to be killed off. A few examples: Joan of Arc (Fleming 1948), Thelma & Louise (Scott 1991) and Satine in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge! (2001). I’m sure others can think of many more. This heroic martyr trope is even more common in adaptations from existing narratives.


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