THOR: RAGNAROK – Taika Waititi & Indigenous Representation

Waititi says about filming in Australia, “it was really all about just doing things right.” So on the first day of production, the traditional owners of the land performed a Welcome to Country ceremony. “You wouldn’t really start a movie in New Zealand without asking the local tribe to come in and bless you and send you to work with some good mojo.” – Caris Bizzaca, Screen Australia. More:


End Hollywood Sex Abuse: More Movies For & By Women

We are raised on a Hollywood diet that argues that the grim, determined, anti-authority male hero or anti-hero who neglects his family and/or is terrible to the few women in his life is a strong/complex male character. Hollywood prioritizes male-centric hero’s-journey action fantasies, war movies, mob dramas and angsty-white-guy morality tales as a matter of course. – Scott Mendelson, Forbes. More: