Australian Screenwriting: SF & Fantasy Are Back

It is a really exciting time to be writing Science Fiction in Australia.  SF is on TV screens – Glitch, The Kettering Incident and Clever Man. Horror and SF films are doing really well. They’re selling overseas – Babadook is one of our most successful recent exports and is solidly genre. – Catherine S. McMullen with David Tiley, Screen Hub. More:


Girl Asleep Trailer – ‘Wes Anderson meets Lewis Carroll’

mfcocq7hzbvrumdwtsthRosemary Myers’ directorial debut is a quirky Australian coming-of-age tale with a kitsch 1970s aesthetic; ­an enchanting journey into the absurd – and sometimes scary – depths of the teenage mind.  Watch Trailer:  Read Hollywood Reporter Review:

Down Under: It’s a riot

Down Under - Riot Films Pty Ltd What’s ironic is that in a time when diversity on screens (or lack thereof) is a frequent talking point – and particularly in feature film – Down Under is a positive example of how to do it right.  Down Under writer/director Abe Forsythe reveals the road he took to write and develop a comedy that revolves around a race riot.
– Caris Bizzaca, The Screen Blog, Screen Australia.  Read More:

Mad Max – 1979 origins in Australian ‘Ozploitation’ film genre

“The producers famously violated a number of road laws and paid some of the crew in slabs of beer…

Trailer # 1

“The original Mad Max provides an origin story for Australia’s most iconic hot-under-the-collar antihero, depicting the tragic events that made him such a killjoy. It was also a baptism by fire for the director, George Miller, who shot the film in and around Melbourne on a shoestring budget.”

– Luke Buckmaster – ’10 best Australian films made by first-time directors’

Trailer # 2

Putuparri and the Rainmakers

Rainmakers film

New Australian documentary Putuparri and the Rainmakers tackles the delicate and often painful process of cultural maintenance in a traditional Aboriginal community.  Set in the Great Sandy Desert region near Fitzroy Crossing in north western Australia, it follows Tom Putuparri Lawford.

Jason Di Rosso spoke with director Nicole Ma.

Click on link below to Radio Interview:

Putuparri and the Rainmakers explores the challenge of maintaining Indigenous culture

ABC RADIO NATIONAL, Australia. Friday 2 October 2015