Under-Representation of Women in Movies: An Easy Fix

Stills of Cherien Dabis' movie
In 2017 women had 31.8% of speaking roles in movies, fewer than they did a decade ago. Hiring more female directors and writing in more female speaking roles would help the inclusion crisis. – Shannon Carlin, Bustle. More:


Eighth Grade: The Undervalued Teen Female Gaze

The fact that Burnham chose to tell this story through the eyes of a young female protagonist—a seriously undervalued and underestimated demographic—in the first place is incredible. That he managed to do so masterfully is total magic. – Vivian Kane, The Mary Sue. More:

Jill Bilcock: Dancing The Invisible

Like a “Russian serial killer on crack” is the way one Hollywood critic described Academy award nominated film editor Jill Bilcock’s brave editing choices in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo+Juliet’, which changed the look of cinema the world over. Theatrical release of the Australian documentary JILL BILCOCK: DANCING THE INVISIBLE happens 5th July 6:15pm at Melbourne’s Cinema Nova, followed by Q&A with Jill Bilcock. Trailer: More:

It could be the start of a movement: Jeune Femme

In our first interaction with Paula she is headbutting her ex-boyfriend’s door and knocking herself out: a display of unproductive aggression and self-loathing popularised by Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull. She is not quirky, just slightly off. If she were a man her behaviour would be edgy, or romantic. In a sense this is a landmark of post-millennium feminist cinema. It could be the start of a movement. – Theo Macdonald, Scenes Journal. More: