American Films: Australian Audiences

For those who think of Australia culturally as the USA’s 51st state, researchers conclude: The belief that Australia is a proportional, perfectly formed microcosm of American cultural preferences is shown to be largely unsubstantiated.  – Don Groves, IF Magazine. More:


Wonder Woman 2: PGA Sexual Harassment Prevention Policies

Wonder Woman 2 will be first film to officially adopt new PGA policies on sexual harassment. It is our obligation to change our culture and eradicate this abuse. The Producers Guild of America’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines are sanctioned as best practices for our members. – PGA. More:

Sundance 2018: EOS World Fund launch

Daughters of the Dust
2018 Recipients: Julie Dash & Nina Menkes.   The EOS World Fund is a new global initiative that supports bold & innovative women directors. Launch: Jan 19th 2018, The Black House, Sundance Film Festival.

Created by Apricot Films’ visionary producer / director Gwen Wynne, EOS is a response to the crisis involving the severe lack of women helmers in cinema.

Gwen Wynne’s EOS World Fund seeks out material and artists who are known for their unusual, innovative and provocative cinematic work, in both form and content.

Scorsese’s Film Foundation has just awarded a restoration grant to Mark Toscano at the Academy Film Archives, to photochemically restore Nina Menkes’ feature film, QUEEN OF DIAMONDS (1991). Grants are given to work that is considered “culturally and historically significant”.

Next Bechdel Test

As a bare-minimum metric, the Bechdel Test does a good job of showing how amazingly far Hollywood is from gender equality. But it isn’t going to push the industry toward an identifiable goal. Many films that pass the Bechdel Test failed most of these new tests. – Walt Hickey, Ella Koeze, Rachael Dottle & Gus Wezerek, FiveThirtyEight. More:

Hollywood Blockbusters & American Politics

Both politics and entertainment are, in different ways, acts of storytelling. Too often, today’s sequels and spinoffs come across like feature-length teasers. They’re all middle. They exist to hype what’s next rather than dwell in the cinematic moment and provide narrative closure. We need new stories, new policies and new ideas, but right now, neither Hollywood nor Washington appears willing to deliver. – Peter Suderman, NY Times. More: