Down Under: It’s a riot

Down Under - Riot Films Pty Ltd What’s ironic is that in a time when diversity on screens (or lack thereof) is a frequent talking point – and particularly in feature film – Down Under is a positive example of how to do it right.  Down Under writer/director Abe Forsythe reveals the road he took to write and develop a comedy that revolves around a race riot.
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Why Movies Starring Women Get Slimed by Male Critics


Women are so used to that active empathizing with the active protagonist of a male-driven plot. That’s what we’ve done all our lives. – Meryl Streep.

Because men are commonly treated as the default in movies—the everyman who stands in for the audience—they rarely are forced to empathize with others’ perspectives. If cinema does not reflect men’s experiences, it can be difficult for male audience members to see themselves in the picture in the way women are forced to. That affects not only the way that men interact with movies but also how they review them.

The problem is, thus, not just that men do not like female-driven movies and television shows as much as women do but that they have a disproportionate say in how such entertainment is received.

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Ghostbusters’ Leslie Jones: on the release of laughter

2092“People don’t really understand how important comedians are, comedy is part of what we need in our life, like movies and art and water and air. We have to have the release of laughter, and when we do it as a community …

Oh my God, have you ever been in a club and laughed at once on a joke? Do you know how long you feel that joy? That joy is contagious. That is not something that is a privilege, sweetheart. That is a need. And we’re not releasing community any more. Have you noticed? We’re not.” – Leslie Jones

Ghostbusters is released in the UK on Monday 11 July; Australia on 14 July, and in the US on July. 15

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