The Eagle Huntress – Review

“A spiritual connection with Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens character is not unwarranted… we should see Aisholpan as a real-life analog to Rey and Katniss and the few other female characters who have been allowed to be fully human onscreen recently.” – MaryAnn Johanson, Alliance of Women Film Journalists.  Read more:


Gender Matters: Brilliant Stories & Brilliant Careers

In a bid to address the gender imbalance in the local screen industry, Screen Australia has just funded 45 female-led story ideas and 13 industry projects across film, TV and the web as part of its Gender Matters initiative. Congratulations to all recipients! #GenderMatters

Robert Bly – A Thousand Years of Joy

New film by Haydn Reiss – now available on DVD from the website below.

American poet Robert Bly was one of the first to translate Pablo Neruda, Rumi and other ecstatic Sufi poets, and his work with Joseph Campbell—exploring the metaphorical, psychological terrain of myth and ritual—led to the unexpected pop culture phenomenon of ‘Iron John’.

Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy – Official Trailer (2014)