Homer can help you. Homer knows

War veterans are finding that ancient epics give them the language to cope. Homer-for-veterans is the brainchild of Dartmouth College classics professor Roberta Stewart. Toxic combat experiences narrated in Homer’s Iliad (800 B.C.E.) appear similar to those reported by current military veterans with severe, chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). More:


Mythology: A Woman Translates Homer’s Odyssey

It’s hard to believe now, but women learning the classics was a genuine threat to male power. Against this long background of misogyny and fear, it is surprising, but not astonishing, that the first English translation of the Odyssey by a woman has only now come out. – Annalisa Quinn, NPR.  More:

End Hollywood Sex Abuse: More Movies For & By Women

We are raised on a Hollywood diet that argues that the grim, determined, anti-authority male hero or anti-hero who neglects his family and/or is terrible to the few women in his life is a strong/complex male character. Hollywood prioritizes male-centric hero’s-journey action fantasies, war movies, mob dramas and angsty-white-guy morality tales as a matter of course. – Scott Mendelson, Forbes. More: