The Dora Milaje: Women Should Expect Nothing Less

There has been an evolution in heroines over the past decade in science fiction and fantasy. We have seen depictions of women as the central hero on screen as far back as Sigourney Weaver in Alien. But recently the stakes have been raised. — Ani Bundel, SYFYWire. More:


American Films: Australian Audiences

For those who think of Australia culturally as the USA’s 51st state, researchers conclude: The belief that Australia is a proportional, perfectly formed microcosm of American cultural preferences is shown to be largely unsubstantiated.  – Don Groves, IF Magazine. More:

Hollywood Blockbusters & American Politics

Both politics and entertainment are, in different ways, acts of storytelling. Too often, today’s sequels and spinoffs come across like feature-length teasers. They’re all middle. They exist to hype what’s next rather than dwell in the cinematic moment and provide narrative closure. We need new stories, new policies and new ideas, but right now, neither Hollywood nor Washington appears willing to deliver. – Peter Suderman, NY Times. More:

End Hollywood Sex Abuse: More Movies For & By Women

We are raised on a Hollywood diet that argues that the grim, determined, anti-authority male hero or anti-hero who neglects his family and/or is terrible to the few women in his life is a strong/complex male character. Hollywood prioritizes male-centric hero’s-journey action fantasies, war movies, mob dramas and angsty-white-guy morality tales as a matter of course. – Scott Mendelson, Forbes. More: