Computer Algorithm’s Bestselling Themes

According to the The Bestseller Code, popular themes for bestselling fiction are: marriage, death, taxes, threatening technologies, funerals, guns, doctors, work, schools, presidents, newspapers, kids, moms, and the media. Unpopular: (besides sex, drugs, rock and roll), seduction, the body (except in pain or at a crime scene), cigarettes, alcohol, the gods, passionate love, grief, revolutions, wheeling and dealing, existential journeys, dinner parties, playing cards, overdressed women, and dancing. But ‘girl’ themes are OK.
Read Jia Tolentino’s Review in The New Yorker.


The Feminine Heroic


As a woman, it’s powerful to see narratives where women are allowed to own heroic space… Isak Dinesen said that the “real glory of dreams lies in their atmosphere of unlimited freedom.”  Imagine what would happen if women could claim more of this unlimited freedom? – Megan Mayhew Bergman, The Paris Review. Read More: