Hollywood Blockbusters & American Politics

Both politics and entertainment are, in different ways, acts of storytelling. Too often, today’s sequels and spinoffs come across like feature-length teasers. They’re all middle. They exist to hype what’s next rather than dwell in the cinematic moment and provide narrative closure. We need new stories, new policies and new ideas, but right now, neither Hollywood nor Washington appears willing to deliver. – Peter Suderman, NY Times. More:


Wind River: Weinstein Eliminated

Writer/Director Taylor Sheridan has scrubbed Harvey Weinstein’s name from Wind River. Acacia Entertainment, backed by the Tunica-Biloxi tribes, is funding the film’s awards campaign. Future profits are earmarked for the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Centre, serving abused Native American women. – Gill Pringle, FilmInk. More:

THOR: RAGNAROK – Taika Waititi & Indigenous Representation

Waititi says about filming in Australia, “it was really all about just doing things right.” So on the first day of production, the traditional owners of the land performed a Welcome to Country ceremony. “You wouldn’t really start a movie in New Zealand without asking the local tribe to come in and bless you and send you to work with some good mojo.” – Caris Bizzaca, Screen Australia. More: